What is slow play?

What is slow play?

What is slow play?
Slow play is a tactic used to trick your opponent into thinking you have a weaker hand than you really are.
By playing a weak hand initially, you are giving your opponent confidence that they can have stronger hands.
Therefore, you are encouraging your opponent to bet on your winning hand. The end result is a bigger bonus.
The thrills of slow play
Part of the thrill of playing poker is the opportunity to create deception by playing slowly a hand and taking a large pot of chips from under your opponent's nose.
There is no satisfaction in playing poker more than beating other players, by surprise and deception.
Good slow play takes time to improve - it's a psychological game. Match, test, raise and play cards that surprise other players while you are playing.
Slow play is sending a message to other players that your hands are weaker than they really are and giving them a false sense of security.
A satisfactory conclusion to the slow hand is, your opponent is betting on your winning hand, the stakes are bigger and you take it! There is no more satisfaction in poker than this.

Slow play requires discipline
Slow play is used for only one purpose - gaining more chips in overly aggressive situations in the first place will not achieve this.
Slow play needs to be used sparingly to be effective - only when the circumstances are right.
Four suitable scenarios for playing a slow hand are:
1. You must have a very strong hand to examine the play.
2. The free cards you are giving to other players must have a good ability to make them the best hand.
3. That same free card has only one small chance of making someone better than you.
4. You have to be confident that you will scare other players by showing this aggression, but you still have the potential to win big bets if not.
5. The pot shouldn't be too big to start with.
Maximize profits on your high-end hands and caution
Slow play is one way to get better value for your high-end hands .
You need to be aware that you are giving away a free card to your opposition; so you need to make sure that even as your opponent's hand improves, you are confident that your hand is still strong enough to win.
Slow play is an art and if you do it wrong you will suffer, however, play it right and you have one of the main traits that make a top player.
You get an extra wager on the stakes and keep a good player on a hand for longer than they should - that's what a good slow play achieves.
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Practice makes you perfect
You need to decide on your playing style based on building a large pot while increasing your chances of winning. game bai online This is not easy and takes experience to know when the circumstances are right and the discipline of not using slow play too often.
Even so, stick to a slow play strategy and you will increase your profit potential significantly.